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Discover How to Stay Calm, Confident and Focused Under Stress Without Overwhelm or Burning Out

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My team and I are dedicated to help transfer the skills from Performance Sports Psychology, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Social Psychology to your professional and personal needs.

We coach high performers in business development, sales, trading, human resources, e-sports, entrepreneurship and other areas of finance and Business.

We focus on sharpening individual and team habits and build resilient mindsets to aid companies and individuals to reach their short and long-term business and life goals.

 Together we have coached over 160 clients and accumalated effective performance strategies and tactics in assisting experienced business people in refining their methods in pursuit of tru excellence.

Dr. Friedrich "Fitz" Eierdanz, Founder


Feel a sense of satisfaction about the opportunity to play and perform, regardless of the outcome.


Uncover your intrinsic desire to reach your full potential.


Believe in your ability to succeed in achieving your goals.


Control your attention on purpose for extended periods of time.


Thrive under pressure and manage stress with a steady demeanor.


Embrace challenges and bounce back from setbacks.

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