FREE Guide: How to Stay Calm, Relaxed and Focused Under Stress Without Feeling Over-whelmed, Burned Out or Anxious 
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Discover the simple breathing technique used by Navy Seals, world class athletes and business leaders
  • The #1 simple breathing technique that will allow you stay calm and collected when your have to perform under pressure and experience overwhelming stress.
  • The easiest way to fast track your ability to stay confident and relaxed in stressful situations without feeling anxious, overwhelmed or being constantly bugged by your "monkey mind" racing from one thought to he next.
  • Learn about the psychology of the worlds top performers and how they achieve mental and emotional mastery.
Dr. Friedrich "Fritz" Eierdanz is a mental resilience and stress management mentor who turned his academic research on strategies, mindsets and techniques of the world's top performing athletes into an 8-week Peak Performance Blueprint Program. 

The program is designed to help his clients stay calm, relaxed and confident when under tremendous amounts of stress and pressure. 

Up until now he has mentored over 160 clients ranging from Silicon Valley engineers, entrepreneurs, fund managers, lawyers, executives and e-sports gamers.